What To Expect When

Visiting a live service. Make sure to check our FAQ for quick answers.

When you visit Be One for our weekly Real Time Torah Bible study, monthly community Shabbat or one of the annual biblical festivals there are some things that will help you prepare. Each of these gatherings are designed to be G-d honoring, people loving and Biblically founded. You can expect to be greeted and welcomed. You can expect to enjoy music, see and participate if desired in Davidic dance, hear a Biblical message that goes beyond the surface level and has relevance to your life. You can expect to be touched by the Spirit of G-d as that is our prayer for you. 

Attending a Be One gathering is like coming home. The atmosphere is a blend of being relaxed as if at home and reverance for the holiness of G-d as being in a sacred space. 

People dress in casual modest clothing. During the community Shabbat and Festivals some dress up a bit. 

Below is a general description of the different services. 


Weekly Real Time Torah

Each week we gather on Tuesday evenings for Real Time Torah. Consider it a night out for food, fellowship, music, learning and interaction. Begin the evening with a meal from 5:45-6:45. Advance reservations are needed, meal is free but a donation is appreciated. Service begins with a blast of a Shofar. The ancient horn bringing a notification that something is happening. Praise and worship music plays and everyone is encouraged to worship the Father. At the end of the music portion children ages 6-11 are prayed over and released to enjoy their own service. (children 6 and under have childcare starting at 6:30)

After a short break and a few announcements, a message that is both Biblical and challenging is brought. At the end of the message some time is saved for questions. 

The dress is casual and the environment is friendly, loving and welcoming of G-d and people.  

Community Shabbat

Once a month we gather together for Community Shabbat rather than our home shabbat keillah gatherings. We have dinner from 5:45-6:45 and service is at 7. Childcare is provided for 6 and under. The service will begin when the shofar blows. The service is a combination of ancient chants, modern worship, Biblical teaching and traditional liturgies. Each service will be a fully immersive expeirence. We do not beleive it is a show to be watched but rather a gathering to be enjoined in.  Check the calendar to make your plans to attend. 

Biblical Festivals

The Biblical festivals or holidays are listed in Levitcus 23 and mentioned throughout the Bible. Each of those services is different. See the Appointed Times page for detailed information.